What's the difference between a notice, notice with service times, and obituary?

A notice should include only the person's name, age, where they're from, date of death, and brief sentence about service times (ex. "John Doe, 87, of Midland, died Friday, Oct. 13, 2019. Services will take place at a later date, provided by [funeral home name].")

A notice with service times should include the information above, though with more detailed information about the service time, date and location.

An obituary can have all the information above plus information about the deceased's life, hobbies/interests, job, survivors and those who preceded him in death, etc.


How long can it be?

An obituary can be up to 890 words.

A notice with service times can be up to 90 words.


How much do they cost?

We charge $15 per inch and $30 for a photo. A typical obituary costs between $150-$250. As you place text and images into the form's fields, the cost will calculate on the right-hand side of the screen and you can adjust the cost accordingly by editing the text.


Do I need a photo?

No. If you don't have a photo with the obituary, click on the "2 column 1 photo" option. A photo is not required.


Can I edit the notice/obituary after I've submitted it?

Yes, as long as it's before the 3 p.m. deadline. You can log back in using the username/password you created and click on "Modify Ad" on your homepage. If a change needs to be made after the deadline, please call 989-839-4248. We can make a minor change on the online edition, but if you'd like the notice/obituary to be rerun in the paper, there will be an extra charge.


Can you write it for us/Can we dictate it over the phone?

No. While we can advise wording choices, the obituary must be written by someone other than us. As an outside party, we did not know the deceased, their life, their relatives, etc. Taking an obituary over the phone opens the possibility to spelling errors when it comes to names and places.


How many times can an obituary run?

That is up to you. As you submit an obituary, you will be asked to schedule at least one publication date for it to run in the paper.

Most obituaries run 1-2 days, depending on when the individual died and/or the service dates. If you'd like an obituary to run for more than one day, the cost for the subsequent days is half off.


Will the obituary appear online?

Yes, the obituary will appear on the Midland Daily News Legacy website the day it is published in the paper. It will remain available for viewing two weeks after it is initially posted.


Can the Midland Daily News post the obituary on WNEM-TV5 or MLive?

No. These are separate entities and do not pertain to the Midland Daily News' obituaries.


When should I put an obituary in the paper?

The decision is up to you. Individuals have placed obituaries for their loved ones immediately after the date of death or waited until closer to the memorial service date. If those two dates are fairly spread out, one recommendation would be to run a notice closer to the date of death and then a full obituary closer to the service date (or vice versa).